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Taxes are complicated

Let Us Maximize Your Return and Lower Your Tax Bill Obligations

We do this by staying current and informed every year with the ever changing complicated tax laws so that we are able to help individuals and businesses find opportunities that others may miss.

Trust your personal and business taxes to the best community tax professional, The Master Tax Advisors.

We offer Federal and Multi-State Income Tax Reports all year round along with electronic filing to get your refund as fast as possible.

Trying to prepare your income taxes on your own is difficult and tedious. The process is frustrating, time-consuming, and the chances of making a mistake are high. Plus, if you make an error on your taxes, an apology won’t suffice. You could face fines of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Rather than running the risk of a mistake or driving yourself crazy, contact the professional tax experts at Master Tax Advisors.

Whether it’s for an individual or a business, it’s critically important to make sure your tax return is prepared correctly and on time. The process of preparing a tax return is not only highly technical, but also requires specialized knowledge.

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Amalia Asuncion

Madera, CA

Amalia Asuncion CEO of Master Tax Advisors, Inc and RN Financial Solutions Inc, Founder of Rincón Norteño Income Tax Service. She has worked in professional Tax Preparation services since 2005. She has extensive experience in professional advice for small and medium businesses. She is a certified Tax Preparer by the CTEC California Council of Tax Education (CRTPs), participant in the IRS annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) and she is an IRS Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA).

Amalia is a registered Immigration Consultant with the California Secretary of State. She is fulfilling her dream of helping other people with their fiscal or financial problems.

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